8 Nov 2013

Fiji police confirm arrests of protesters, but not clear on charges

2:53 pm on 8 November 2013

Police in Fiji have confirmed that a group of activists have been arrested for protesting the budget.

The Fiji Women's Rights Movements says the group of young people and women were sitting by the water having lunch, and wearing t-shirts printed with the message: "C'mon Fiji make budgets public now."

The Fiji Government announced the budget today, but observers say the Government should be more transparent by making other documents public, such as the audit review, and the budget proposals.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro says the group is still in custody but she would not say if there were any charges.

"We can confirm that a group of people were taken in for questioning today for allegedly gathering in a public place without a permit. Currently they are still in custody being questioned and more details will be released later on in the afternoon."

Ana Naisoro.

Since the lifting of the Public Emergency Regulations in Janaury 2012, there is no requirement to have a permit to gather in a public place.