13 Nov 2013

Former media advisor to PNG opposition leader slams Govt bully tactics

9:39 am on 13 November 2013

A former media advisor to Papua New Guinea's opposition leader Belden Namah says the media is operating in fear of the Government.

A journalist and blogger Graham Robinson says the Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, has been on a campaign to clear his name in the media, after Mr Namah produced letters allegedly incriminating him.

He says Mr Namah has been relentless in his attacks against Mr O'Neill, because there is growing scepticism in PNG that even those arrested in the current anti-corruption operation will never be prosecuted.

Graham Robinson says the deportation of the media advisor of the Sustainable Development Programme, Mark Davis, shows the Government will not tolerate dissent.

"It has a concerning affect, that Mark Davis simply did his job as media advisor yet the Government decided to go into damage control. And they opted for the easiest way and I think it's a bullying technique, used its powers in deporting Mr Davis for simply doing his job."

A former media advisor to Papua New Guinea's opposition leader, Graham Robinson.