13 Nov 2013

Civil protest in PNG cancelled by police after social media campaign

11:39 am on 13 November 2013

A protest planned in Papua New Guinea for today has been cancelled after police told organisers it would not be allowed.

The PNG Anti-Corruption Movement for Change says the police were concerned about unrest, as the event has been organised by social media groups and has grown rapidly in popularity.

The group's Lucas Kiap says the people are upset that the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, seems to be immune from the investiagtion, after saying months ago that no one was above the law.

The police operation, Task Force Sweep, has made an arrest of a high profile lawyer, and Mr Kiap says this means the investigation is over and Mr O'Neill needs to respond to demands from their group and answer to the people.

"If the arrests are made, then the investigations have completely concluded. We don't see any reason why the Prime Minister should, or anyone for that matter, would like to stop your freedom of expression."

The group says a 'stop work protest' will be held on Monday, which doesn't require the approval of the police.