14 Nov 2013

Fears ICAC will be ineffective, as PNG's opposition boycotts parliament

6:16 am on 14 November 2013

Opposition MPs in Papua New Guinea boycotted parliament yesterday in protest at what they call the loss of parliament's dignity due to the Prime Minister's alleged link to a fraud case.

Peter O'Neill is the subject of a police complaint for his part in an alleged fraudulent payment of 27 million US dollars to a law firm.

The opposition leader Belden Namah says the opposition boycotted parliament because it can't stand to look at and hear the rhetoric of a pathological liar.

The opposition missed the tabling of the bill to create an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

However one of the activists planning a strike next Monday in protest against alleged government corruption, Charlie Gilichibi says there are fears the Commission will be politically influenced and will sideline the alleged fraud.

"Now the Prime Minister and his two ministers allegations have been also forwarded to Task Force Sweep. There's a fear that what's been established by the current team (Task Force Sweep) will be basically sidelined. We're afraid that this will be swept under the carpet."

Papua New Guinea activist, Charlie Gilichibi.