14 Nov 2013

Police say it is calm but tense at site of latest tribal violence in PNG

7:32 pm on 14 November 2013

Papua New Guinea police have confirmed a hand grenade was used during a tribal fight in Southern Highlands early on Monday morning in which 14 people died.

On Wednesday the provincial police commander, chief inspector Sibron Papoto, visited the Kagua valley area where the violence occurred, and says the 14 dead include 4 women, one of whom was six months pregnant, and 2 children.

He says around 600 dwelling houses and 12 permanent buildings were burnt down, while the iron was removed from the roof of the only high school in the area.

Chief inspector Papoto says a 50 strong police team will shortly be installed to conduct investigations and maintain order.

He says it is calm but tense.

"We were given assurance by the majority, the bulk of the people in that valley, Sugu Valley in Kagua, that in the event that police are deployed at that location, they will have the support of the community, police will have the support, so we also appealed to them to look after the policemen and then help them as much as they can with any other vital information."