15 Nov 2013

Indonesia MP opposes Papua ban for foreign journalists

2:54 pm on 15 November 2013

An Indonesian parliamentarian, Eva Sundari, says there should be no restriction for foreign journalists wanting to go to Papua.

Ms Sundari, who is a member of the Human Rights and Security Committee, says she was surprised to hear that foreign journalists were banned from the easternmost province.

She says the chief of the military had assured her that Papua was as free as other regions.

"Why if you have freedom for press for Indonesian journalists, but not for foreign journalists, what is the point here? Is there anything you want to hide from foreigners? I cannot accept this because if we employ a democracy it must be all over Indonesia at the same time, and also if you employ a freedom for press it must also be applied for Papua."

Eva Sundari says from her point of view, the situation for human rights is bad all over Indonesia