15 Nov 2013

Fiji schools must not ask parents for 2014 fees - education ministry

4:23 pm on 15 November 2013

The Fiji Education Ministry says schools asking for next year's fees from parents show a disregard for the government's new free education initiative.

The Permanent Secretary for Education, Doctor Brij Lal, has told the website Fiji Village that the Prime Minister clearly announced in the budget that all school fees will be paid by the government.

But he says newsletters have been circulated to parents asking them to make advance payments on the 2014 school fees, and saying refunds will be made once the government grants are paid out.

He says funds will not be released until next year.

The Education Minister, Filipe Bole, has said no further fees can be charged to parents for 2014 because schools will have more than enough.

He has also challenged students to tell their parents they need better shoes, school bags and uniforms next year since they are no longer paying fees.