18 Nov 2013

American Samoa to consider underwater cable with ADB, World Bank

6:48 am on 18 November 2013

American Samoa has discussed options with Samoa, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, for a new undersea fiber optic cable to be laid between Fiji and Samoa.

The proposed cable would link up with the Transpacific Southern Cross Cable, which connects to Australia, New Zealand, Hawai'i and the US mainland.

The World Bank and Asian Development Bank are committing $35 million in the planned undersea cable and are scouting for interested investment partners.

KHJ News reports the financial institutions view American Samoa as a potential investor based on its 33 percent ownership in American Samoa Hawaii Cable, which now links Samoa, American Samoa and Hawaii.

That cable's remaining life expectancy is about 8 years and the new cable is projected to last 25 years.