18 Nov 2013

Solomons' Isabel province not ready for mining say women

10:27 am on 18 November 2013

Women in a Solomon Islands province where foreign companies are hoping to start mining nickel say their region is not ready.

A mining forum in Isabel's provincial capital Buala this week brought together more than 150 delegates from the church and the community as well as developers and government officials.

The president of the Church of Melanesia's Mothers' Union says the meeting was very useful but people are worried that mining would increase existing social problems.

Moira Dasipio says Isabel is already dealing with teenage pregnancy, alcohol abuse and domestic violence.

"There are lots of social issues. That's what we were really strong on - that we are not ready in mining. It's a big development and there will be many people from other countries or even different provinces in the Solomon will be also in here in Isabel."

Moira Dasipio says women must contribute 50 percent to any decisions made on mining.