18 Nov 2013

FBI warns Hawai'i and other US islands of post-disaster fraud

4:50 pm on 18 November 2013

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation in Hawai'i has warned residents of Hawai'i, American Samoa and other US Pacific islands of possible disaster fraud following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

In a national statement, the federal government says suspected fraudulent activity pertaining to relief efforts associated with Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines should be reported to US Government authorities.

A Honolulu-based FBI spokesman Tom Simon says that due to the large Filipino population in Hawai'i and throughout the Pacific, he wants to re-emphasise the warning.

He says the FBI has not received any reports of victims of such schemes, but is telling residents to contact authorities if they do occur.

Meanwhile, the Filipino community in Pago Pago continues their disaster relief drive and over the weekend, Operation Bayanihan for typhoon victims held a radiothon to raise money.