18 Nov 2013

Complaints after video taken of Indonesian police beating Papuan man

4:52 pm on 18 November 2013

Video footage has emerged on the internet of a Papuan man being beaten by Indonesian police after being arrested in the town of Wamena.

Tabloid Jubi reports a brawl broke out among high school students on Friday, prompting police to take action, arresting a number of people with guns.

The footage posted on Saturday shows the man being led by plain-clothed and armed officers, before being beaten by a group of men, including armed police.

The policemen hit him with the butts of their rifles, before leading him into a police van.

The police then approached the cameraman and asked him to stop filming.

Reporters say the police tried to confiscate the cameras before they were told the reporters were professionals and doing their job.

A headmaster of one of the schools, Joseph Sudarsono, said he was concerned his pupils were not safe, either from students from other schools, or the police.