18 Nov 2013

Protest planned in PNG capital comes to nothing

7:31 pm on 18 November 2013

Plans for a protest action today in Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea appear to have failed.

The Social Media Activism Committee, which has links to the opposition, had originally planned a rally but police refused permission and promised there would be a major presence on the streets.

The group then called for people to stay home, closing schools, businesses and removing public motor vehicles and buses from the streets.

But our correspondent in Port Moresby, Todagia Kelola, says that did not happen.

"It did not eventuate. In past experiences if the buses and taxis don't operate then workers and school children don't go to school. The call to those children and those workers did not really influence them. When they came to the bus stop the buses were operating as normal - so things were happening just like any other ordinary day."