18 Nov 2013

Engaging youth in meaningful environment behind PNG military scheme

7:27 pm on 18 November 2013

The Papua New Guinea government says it is firm on introducing compulsory military training for school leavers who can't be placed in universities, within the next two years.

The prime minister, Peter O'Neill, says the Compulsory National Youth Service will combat rising crime and help youth maintain discipline and avoid getting caught up in illegal activities.

Mr O'Neill says the national service is aimed at giving young men and women, who are unable to find places in universities and colleges, a mixture of skills and military training.

"So it'll come in right after year 12 for those who are not able to find positions or places in many of the universities and colleges throughout the country. We are firm on that, we'll introduce it in 2015, we are now planning for the implementation."

Peter O'Neill says being young and aimless doesn't do any good for any society, so the government is looking to engage youth in a meaningful and disciplined environment.