19 Nov 2013

American Samoa government wins court case dispute with contractor

7:44 am on 19 November 2013

The High Court of American Samoa has found that the territorial government had overpaid a contractor close to $200,000 for a roofing project.

The owner of International Roofing, Talia Toa, sued the government in 2006 for breach of contract, alleging the Government failed to make full payment for the project.

However, the court gave judgment in favour of the government.

The government argued that due to clerical and accounting oversights, it actually paid more than the total invoices submitted by the plaintiff.

Following a full trial this year, the court issued a decision, saying that the original contract made in 1994 started at $780,000 but ballooned to just over 1 point 18 million dollars following a number of changes in the orders.

The court said the Government ended up paying over 1 point 36 million dollars in total payments and there is an overpayment by the government of just over $180,000.