20 Nov 2013

Trial for alleged plot to remove Fiji's PM begins

9:10 am on 20 November 2013

The alleged plot to remove the Commodore Frank Bainimarama led government in 2010 has been revealed by senior military officer, Lieutinent Colonel Manasa Tagicakibau in former Land Force Commander, Pita Driti's trial.

Fiji Village online reports Pita Driti is charged with uttering seditious comments and inciting to mutiny.

While appearing as the first prosecution witness, Lieutinent Colonel Tagicakibau revealed that Mr Driti had spoken to him about plans to dissolve the government and to remove the President if he did not agree with the changes.

Mr Tagicakibau said that in October 2010 he was summoned by Pita Driti to meet with him.

He said that Mr Driti voiced his concern about the government and stated that he has lost confidence in the Army Commander.

He said that Mr Driti claimed that the Commander has lost the anointment from God based on advice from prayer groups.

Mr Tagicakibau told the court that the plan to remove the government would take place when the Prime Minister takes his trip to Sudan to visit the troops there in late October 2010.

According to him, Mr Driti had claimed that he and Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz would go to the President and seek the dissolution of the current administration.

Pita Driti had allegedly told him that after the dissolution, an interim government made up of SDL was supposed to be set up that would be tasked to take the country to elections.

The trial continues today.