20 Nov 2013

New Zealand may help Bougainville improve tax collection

4:38 pm on 20 November 2013

New Zealand may help improve tax collection in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville.

The province has struggled with a meagre tax take since gaining autonomy eight years ago, but the matter is to be addressed, starting with a tax summit next year.

The New Zealand high commissioner to PNG, Marion Crawshaw, says New Zealand works closely with Australia and the ABG, particularly through the Governance and Implementation Fund.

She says through this fund they are looking at New Zealand improving the efficiency of tax collection.

Ms Crawshaw says the summit is the first step but the idea of New Zealand officials helping was welcomed when she visited Bougainville last week.

"including you might be surprised to know from members of the business community who are keen to get their operations in order and consistent in enthusiasm to support the operation of the ABG."

New Zealand's high commissioner to PNG Marion Crawshaw says the New Zealand focus would be on education rather than enforcement.