21 Nov 2013

PNG still unhappy with Australia's Manus deal

3:07 pm on 21 November 2013

Papua New Guinea's foreign minister, Rimbink Pato, will raise concerns with Australia that his people are not benefiting from hosting the asylum-seeker detention centre on Manus Island.

This comes despite Canberra saying it is now employing more than 600 Papua New Guineans at its Manus camp, which houses more than 1,100 male asylum seekers.

The PNG prime minister, Peter O'Neill, has again raised his concerns, saying the Australian government could hire local earthmoving and construction companies for projects in and around the centre.

An MP, John Hickey, says Australia is flying in food items, toiletries, timber, machineries and other accessories, which companies in Manus are capable of supplying.

Mr Hickey has also said Australian staff have been harassing locals.

He says while only a minority of the guards at the centre have behaved badly in public, complaints made to the police have so far gone unanswered.