21 Nov 2013

Pacific Island countries demand climate change finance

8:11 pm on 21 November 2013

Pacific Island countries have told a high level meeting at the United Nations' climate change conference underway in Poland - COP 19 - developed countries must honour their commitments to financing the Green Climate Fund.

A Fiji government minister Jiko Luveni spoke on behalf of the Group of 77 and China, saying despite the best efforts of developing countries' delegations, the Warsaw conference looks unlikely to deliver a promising outcome.

The G77, which is chaired this year by Fiji, is a coalition of developing countries formed under the UN to articulate and promote collective economic interests.

Ms Luveni says developing countries have done more than their share of fighting climate change and developed countries must show leadership.

"Despite one week of negotiations, there still remains a serious lack of clarity on the predictable scale-up of the provision of finance up to 100 million US dollars per year by 2020."

Jiko Luveni says three years after its launching the Green Climate Fund remains an empty shell.