22 Nov 2013

PNG Task Force says influential people behind attempted break-in

2:46 pm on 22 November 2013

The leader of a task force into corruption in Papua New Guinea says some well-to-do people in the country are attempting to foil its efforts.

Sam Koim, whose Task Force Sweep agency has already arrested a high profile lawyer, says his office had an attempted security breach on Wednesday night.

It follows a break-in in January when laptops and paperwork were stolen.

Mr Koim says he suspects the six men, who arrived in two four-wheel drives, are being used by more influential people.

He says his guards and police are armed, and people should not let others take advantage of them.

"We would like to encourage them that they must not sacrifice or take a risk just to fulfil the will or the interests of a few well-to-do people because after they have been used they will no longer be remembered. So we encourage them not to risk their lives for some momentary benefit."

Sam Koim.