25 Nov 2013

Greenpeace lobbies tuna countries in lead up to key meeting

6:42 am on 25 November 2013

Greenpeace says the distant water fishing nations have vetoed efforts to conserve fish stocks in the Pacific and prospects of an agreement are looking grim.

The Pacific Oceans Campaigner, Duncan Williams says small Pacific nations say they have carried the burden of conservation in the past and it's now time for countries outside the region to come to the table at next weeks Tuna Commission meeting.

Mr Williams says there is a stalemate on agreements on vessels and fishing practices, as the Tuna Commission operates by consensus.

He says both the number of boats in the Pacific as well as the type of boats need to be the subject of tough new regulations on the distant nations.

"These countries have simply vetoed sensible measures and have thrown all sorts of technicalities to render these measures either as ineffective or very hard to implement at the technical level. The outlook for that meeting looks rather grim."

Duncan Williams says Greenpeace will be at the Cairns meeting next week to lobby the member countries.