26 Nov 2013

Fiji's Driti case draws to a close

7:21 am on 26 November 2013

The trial of a former senior military officer facing mutiny and sedition charges in Fiji has drawn to a close with the judge due to sum up today.

On Monday, counsel in the trial of Pita Driti wrapped up their arguments at the High Court in Suva, with counsel for defence maintaining his client was set up.

It is alleged the former land force commander was involved in a plot to overthrow the government in 2010 and kill the Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum by Christmas of the same year.

FBC News says Mr Driti's defence counsel, Filimone Vosarogo, did not deny that there was a plan to overthrow the government, rather his client chose to tell the truth about the plan in a logical and sensible way.

The broadcaster reports the lawyer for the prosecution, Audrey Campbell-Moffat, asked how Pita Driti, who was in a very high position, could stand back and watch as a coup was being planned.

The website Fiji Village reports the three assessors in the case are due to give their opinion on Tuesday after Justice Paul Madigan's summing up.