26 Nov 2013

Solomons corruption watchdog calls for auditor general's reinstatement

4:18 pm on 26 November 2013

A Solomon Islands corruption watchdog is calling for the auditor general to be reinstated.

The call follows Edward Ronia's forced departure from the role on the grounds of him reaching the official retirement age of 55.

Transparency International Solomon Islands' chairperson says there is a constitutional provision for the governor general to extend the employment of a public office-holder who has turned 55.

Ruth Liloqula says the governor general should exercise that provision.

"Most definitely it is not the time for Solomon Islands government or Solomon Islands as a country to be without an auditor general. We have worked so hard to get somebody that is capable of doing the job. Definitely it is not the time for him to be retired. There is nobody in the pipeline as far as I know."

Ruth Liloqula says as Edward Ronia reached 55 last year, Transparency wants the reason for his termination to be made clear.