26 Nov 2013

Pitcairn sends delegation to overseas territories conference

10:22 pm on 26 November 2013

The Governor of Pitcairn Island says a delegation is attending the British Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Conference, being held in London this week.

Vicki Treadell, who is also the British High Commisioner to New Zealand, says many British territories are island nations and share similar challenges, such as population growth and economic development.

Ms Treadell says the conference is a good opportunity for the territories to compare notes.

She says the deputy mayor of Pitcairn, Simon Young, is representing the island and the island's deputy governor, Kevin Lynch, is attending on her behalf.

"It's very much to share ideas, to learn from others. I have no doubt that Simon Young will raise the need for repopulation and the need for some sustainablity and the development of the local economy."

The Governor of Pitcairn Island, Vicki Treadell.