27 Nov 2013

French Polynesian government members impersonated on facebook

3:11 pm on 27 November 2013

The French Polynesian presidency says legal action is being taken to counter false identities of government members being put on facebook.

In a statement, it says Gaston Flosse as well as some of the ministers have facebook entries put up by unknown people that have attracted a multiple of friends of their real profiles.

It warns users to be mindful that the fake entries are poorly written and being used for fraudulent ends.

It says to date neither Mr Flosse nor any of the ministers has a facebook profile to reflect their official positions.

Last month, New Caledonia's president, Harold Martin, said he asked his lawyer to contact the facebook website for it to delete a page purported to be about him.

Mr Martin said he never had a facebook page and was the victim of an impersonation.