28 Nov 2013

Police in Tonga set up crisis centre for victims of domestic violence

5:06 am on 28 November 2013

The Minister of Police in Tonga says he hopes a 'one-stop-shop' crisis centre will put domestic violence victims more at ease when laying a complaint with the police.

The service gives victims access to police, medical and counselling services in one location, the Women and Children Crisis Centre.

Since 2008 to November 2013, close to 2,300 domestic violence complaints have been made to the police.

The Police Minister, Siosifa Tu'itupou Tu'utafaiva, says he believes there is still a huge number that goes unreported.

He says before he was a minister, he was a lawyer, and witnessed first hand the extent of injuries suffered by children and women due to domestic violence.

"We still do not really know how to stop this brutality and violence on members of the family, other than enforcing the law to it's full extent. But with the setting up of the crisis centre, it is hoped that it will make complainants feel a bit easier when they come to the crisis centre to file complaints about domestic violence."

The Minister of Police in Tonga, Siosifa Tu'itupou Tu'utafaiva.