2 Dec 2013

Desperation prompts Vanuatu women to carry knives in self-defence

7:16 pm on 2 December 2013

A women's advocate in Vanuatu says women are resorting to carrying kitchen knives as a way of protecting themselves outside their homes.

Police have been investigating the death of a man in Port Vila on Thursday night following an alleged stabbing by a woman.

Jenny Ligo of the organisation Women Against Crime and Corruption says she did a small informal survey after the death and found many women carry small knives in self defence.

Ms Ligo says it shows women are desperate.

"I don't want to encourage it but I will not say that I will stop the women because if I stop them not to carry knives what is the other alternative?"

Jenny Ligo says there are many programmes to stem violence against women in Vanuatu but it is time now for the chiefs, churches and youth to step up and really tackle it.