3 Dec 2013

Tuvalu concerned about high cost of airfares via Fiji

10:27 pm on 3 December 2013

The Tuvalu Government says the high cost of airfares between Fiji and Tuvalu is a major concern for locals.

The assistant secretary at the ministry of communication and transport says Tuvalu relies on the Fiji Airways' service as Fiji is the island's gateway to the rest of the world.

Taukave Poolo says the ministry is in the process of reviewing the airfares.

"We feel that the airfares that are currently being charged by Fiji Airways are extremely high for us and we also believe it can still go down but it's just a matter of them being willing to go down."

Taukave Poolo says cheaper fares would also attract more visitors to the country.

Fiji Airways says the average ticket price has to be high to cover operating costs based on the distance between Fiji and Tuvalu and the aircraft required.

It says it offers a range of fares but consumers need to be in quickly to get the lowest rates.