6 Dec 2013

French Socialists review link with Temaru party

2:42 pm on 6 December 2013

France's ruling Socialist Party and French Polynesia's pro-independence Tavini Huiraatira Party say they will be reviewing their partnership agreement.

The Socialists' secretary for overseas territories, Davide Lebon, has told French radio that the party has agreed with Oscar Temaru's party to review their relationship as the current deal runs out next year.

Mr Lebon says this will allow to redefine their relationship because everything is up for debate now that the territorial elections have been held.

This also comes after the pro-independence party boycotted last week's Tahiti visit by the French overseas territories minister, Victorin Lurel.

The party also lashed out at the French government's support given to the new French Polynesian government, saying it guaranteed a system run by convicts - an allusion to the corruption convictions of the territory's president, Gaston Flosse.