9 Dec 2013

Fiji Labour Party questions regime practice on Anti-Corruption Day

6:45 am on 9 December 2013

The Fiji Labour Party is using today's UN Anti-Corruption Day to highlight what it says is the failure of the Fiji regime to rid the country of corruption.

This was one of the stated aims of the coup makers seven years ago.

Don Wiseman has more:

"The Fiji Labour Party asks why government financial statements and the auditor general's reports have not been made public in the past five years. It questions the continued refusal of the regime to reveal the salaries paid to its leaders. It asks about the failure to allow public scrutiny of consultancy and other public contracts it awards. The party questions the absence of a Code of Ethics for people in high office and Freedom of Information legislation despite promises to enact such measures. It points out that the regime demands accountability and transparency from everyone else but is not applying the same rules of good governance to itself. It says FICAC appears ignore the allegedly corrupt practices of the regime's officials and their supporters. And the party points out Transparency International cannot include Fiji on its Corruption Index because there is no relevant data and the people are unable to determine how their government spends public funds."