9 Dec 2013

Lack of money threatening services at Solomon Islands hospital

2:54 pm on 9 December 2013

The Solomon Islands' second largest hospital reports people living in the remote parts of Western province will suffer the most if the hospital is forced to close.

The Helena Goldie Hospital in Munda is facing severe financial problems.

The hospital's secretary, Soraya Pina, says recent government health grants have barely covered hospital debts.

Ms Pina says more than 50 nurse aides and auxiliary staff have gone without pay for two months, and they still don't know how they will be paid.

She says the local MP visited them recently and said he would raise the issue with cabinet.

She says if more financial help doesn't come soon, they will have to reduce staff and cut down on services.

"We are serving communities living in remote areas and if this continues happens, we will won't be able to pay for their petrol to do repatriation and helping those urgent patients coming from the clinics, because we look after 15 clinics."

Soraya Pina says the hospital administration and the United Church have been fundraising to keep hospital doors open.