10 Dec 2013

Pro-democracy campaigner in Fiji backs calls for Govt transparency

3:01 pm on 10 December 2013

A pro-democracy campaigner in Fiji is backing the Labour leader's calls for the Government to be more transparent and release financial information.

Mahendra Chaudhry says government financial statements, auditor-general's reports and leaders' salaries should be made public.

His comments were sparked by Monday's United Nations' sponsored Anti-Corruption Day.

Fiji business woman, Laisa Digitaki Weleilakeba, says the country deserves responsible leaders who are willing to be transparent.

"Transparency is very important to make people feel good - like for me personally I don't mind the Government spending money on good things - as long as they are honest about where they are paying my taxes and things like that then I am comfortable but right now nothing like that has happened so what are they hiding?"

Laisa Digitaki Weleilakeba also says the country needs to push for transparent and fair elections.