12 Dec 2013

Niue voices opposition to hosting Australia's asylum seekers

5:19 am on 12 December 2013

An MP in Niue says the people on the island do not want to host an asylum seeker centre.

The Niue government has made an offer to Australia to house asylum seekers while their applications for refugee status are considered.

The premier, Toke Talagi, says they are thinking about accommodating vulnerable women and children but first need to determine whether it is feasible.

But MP Stan Kalauni says the country does not have the capability to house asylum seekers and the people do not want them.

"He has completely gone bananas. People have already started talking about it, they are complaining - why is he even considering that. Everyone is trying to avoid the refugee issues, and people here don't want refugees here. We don't have the facilities, infrastructure or the capabilities to even handle processing refugees."

A Niue MP Stan Kalauni.