16 Dec 2013

France asked to admit UN to study Tahiti decolonisation

5:14 am on 16 December 2013

France has been asked to allow experts mandated by the United Nations to visit French Polynesia to examine the impact of its nuclear weapons test.

This is part of a fresh resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"The resolution asks France to co-operate with the decolonisation process and allow for a study of the tests' impact not only on the environment and on people's health but also on the territory's economy. The pro-independence camp has hailed the renewed move from the UN, whose previous resolution Paris has all but ignored. Last month, the French overseas territories minister, Victorin Lurel, announced that France would refuse to buy into the UN decolonisation process, saying Paris is guided by the outcome of this year's territorial election, which was won by the anti-independence camp. But Tahiti's pro-independence leader, Oscar Temaru, says it is politically unacceptable for France to ignore the UN."