17 Dec 2013

New e-ID card for Papua New Guinea citizens

4:40 pm on 17 December 2013

The Papua New Guinea National Research Institute says it is working to address the public's concerns their privacy will be breached by a new government electronic identification card system.

The chair of the National e-ID Advisory Committee, Dr Esther Lavu, says the 'Population Information Management System' will be used for voter polls, health records, public payrolls and pension payments.

Dr Lavu says some groups are concerned the system will violate peoples' privacy and allow the government to keep track of their activities.

But she says that is not the case, and citizens have been giving their private information to different government agencies for years.

"The government is looking at their options of trying to be fair, but also addressing issues of what you may call privacy and whether people are going to give their personal information."

Dr Esther Lavu says it is working out how to change these negative perceptions before the system is rolled out for the 2017 elections.