17 Dec 2013

Poor typhoon aid response riles American Samoa governor

2:53 pm on 17 December 2013

The American Samoa governor, Lolo Moliga, has chided his cabinet for the poor response from government departments to a fundraising drive for victims of Typhoon Haiyun in the Philippines.

The relief drive which was launched two weeks ago and was supposed to end last week has had to be extended until the week after Christmas.

Governor Moliga says he is disappointed with the collections turned in so far by some departments.

He says it doesn't seem right that one department with 115 employees managed to donate just 70 dollars.

The governor says departments can do better than that, especially during the season of giving.

"You as directors must take the lead in doing that. Not so must what you give but building the spirit of giving is something that we all need especially at this time. These are the less fortunate people. These are the real people who need our help."