18 Dec 2013

Vanuatu Nurses Association sacks its president

9:39 pm on 18 December 2013

The Vanuatu Nurses Association has sacked its president, Willie Reuben Abel.

The Vice-president of the association and now acting president, Anne Pakoa says that the members have decided to terminate their president because he failed to support their petition to remove the current minister of health, Serge Vohor and the acting director general of health, Doctor Santos Wari.

Mr Vohor and Dr Wari ordered mass suspensions of public medical professionals this month, although most of the suspensions have since been revoked by the government.

Ms Pakoa said that Mr Abel failed to carry out his duties and responsibilities for the interests of the members of the association.

Mr Abel didn't support a planned strike to denounce the initiative of Mr Vohor and Dr Wari to carry a reform in health by introducing a new health structure without proper consultations and procedures.

The replacement for Mr Abel is expected to be announced after the association's upcoming Annual General Meeting.