20 Dec 2013

Island Cricket Project in Fiji targets middled aged women to participate

10:30 am on 20 December 2013

The head of Fiji Cricket says a project encouraging middle aged women to take up the sport is boosting public health.

Inoke Lesuma says the Island Cricket Project has attracted double the number of participants expected in the pilot stage and is set to continue over the next three years with funding from the Australian government.

He says it's great to see women running and enjoying cricket as well as learning more about their own fitness through diabetes and cholesterol checks conducted by the Health Ministry.

Mr Lesuma says the women get a lot of support to play and their families are also seeing the benefits of sport.

Not only do the women come but they also bring their kids. The other Development Officers take care of their kids while the women participate in the tournaments. Their kids are all into the cricket clinics that has been supervised by the other Development Officers. So there is a lot of people that is here every day.

Inoke Lesuma says the project is a great way for families to learn more about how to tackle lifestyle diseases and improve their health.