20 Dec 2013

Marshalls opposition want management dumped at troubled hospital

3:33 pm on 20 December 2013

The Marshall Islands opposition leader, Senator Alvin Jacklick, is calling on the government to change management at Majuro Hospital, as a doctor shortage there reaches a crisis level.

The government is reaching out to Marshallese doctors living abroad for help, following a string of doctors breaking contracts and leaving Majuro.

The only surgeon now on staff is set to leave Christmas week, which could leave the nation's capital without the services of a surgeon.

Mr Jacklick, who is a former health minister, says there are more vacant positions at the hospital than there are Marshallese doctors overseas.

He says management is not providing the tools doctors and nurses need to function and the government should change hospital management, and allow doctors to perform their jobs without interference.

In addition to the imminent lack of surgeons at the hospital, there is no obstetrician/gynecologist, radiologist or anesthetist, and there are shortages of internists and pediatricians.