23 Dec 2013

Fiji regime told to name and shame so called political troublemakers

5:40 am on 23 December 2013

The Fiji political opposition grouping, the United Front for a Democratic Fiji says the Bainimarama government should name and shame the so called past politicians it calls liars and troublemakers.

Commodore Bainimarama has reiterated earlier warnings for the military to be on guard against past politicians who cause problems.

A spokesperson for the UFDF, Mick Beddoes, says the people should be told who these trouble makers are and what they have done.

Mr Beddoes says it is tired rhetoric tossed out by the regime which cannot produce facts to back up the claims.

He says the reality is that since independence the greatest problem for Fiji and its people has been the four military coups.

So on the one hand they are claiming that these are the people that caused all the problems but in fact no politician has conducted a military coup. No politician has been involved in carrying out a coup. The military has, and if they say they were persuaded to by the politicians, we are saying, for goodness sake, let's name them and shame them.

A spokesperson for the United Front for a Democratic Fiji, Mick Beddoes.