23 Dec 2013

PNG landowners still waiting for return of SABL land

5:40 am on 23 December 2013

An NGO in Papua New Guinea says people who've been affected by the granting of Special Agriculture Business Leases continue to suffer from the consequences of their land being taken away.

In September the prime minister Peter O'Neill tabled a report in parliament from a commission of inquiry which found more than 90 percent of those leases were fraudulently or improperly obtained from customary landowners.

However Mr O'Neill said the final report was incomplete and decided a taskforce should be set up to review the inquiry recommendations.

But a manager at the PNG Eco Forestry Forum, Mary Boni, says they've heard nothing about the taskforce since.

This is something that was just said it wasn't published for us to see what the terms of references would be, after it was declared there has been nothing else so far, it's like it's a dead issue right now, no one's talking about it, don't want to talk about it.

Mary Boni says returning the land to its rightful owners would NOT be a complicated process.