24 Dec 2013

American Samoa phone company welcomes stepped-up competition

8:49 am on 24 December 2013

American Samoa's BlueSky Communication President and CEO says the company welcomes stepped-up marketing by its competitor, the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority.

But Adolfo Montenegro points out BlueSky doesn't have the luxury of millions in federal funds and a tax holiday like ASTCA, a semi autonomous government body.

At a press conference, Mr Montenegro announced that BlueSky's five cent per-minute rate for all local calls, which was introuced as a promotion in November, is now their permanent rate. The BlueSky rate matches ASTCA's local cell call price.

Mr Montenegro says BlueSky will remain competitive and continue to make improvements to stay ahead, and that the Authority's moves are also responsible measures.

"I think it's good. I think the Territory deserves to see their tax dollars at work and an improvement on their part is only fair to the people in the Territory."

Adolfo Montenegro.