28 Dec 2013

Sport: Legacy of 2013 Mini Games lives on

8:35 am on 28 December 2013

The Pacific Games Council says the 2013 Mini Games in Wallis and Futuna proved to be a great success, that has provided lasting legacies for the local population.

It was the first time the territory had hosted such an event, with over 700 athletes competing across eight sports.

The Executive Director of the Pacific Games Council, Andrew Minogue, says it was a huge challenge for the people of Wallis and Futuna to cope with a temporary increase of close to ten percent of their population.

But he believes they pulled it off.

"They've got some terrific legacies for the future of their sport - some new venues, some new sports equipment and I think a new sense of being a really integral member of the Pacific family now, in terms of sports. So I think the Games coming to Wallis and Futuna has been a real positive for that territory and I think for our athletes as well they really appreciated being able to go to a really different part of the Pacific, which is something that I think everybody was very pleased with and being able to see a very unique and unspoilt culture for the first time".

The Executive Director of the Pacific Games Council, Andrew Minogue.