3 Jan 2014

Objections to US military live fire plans in CNMI

3:08 pm on 3 January 2014

The mayor of Tinian in the Northern Marianas, Ramon Dela Cruz, says the people will not accept an artillery range and urged the CNMI government to consider this in discussions with the US military.

The Tinian community however is still supporting the military development of their leased lands.

Mr Dela Cruz's sentiments comes as the House speaker Joseph Deleon Guerrero questions US plans to also use Pagan for live-fire military training, among other things.

Two-thirds of Tinian's lands are leased to the U.S. Department of Defense.

The U.S. military plans to use Tinian and Pagan to resolve its training deficiencies in the Western Pacific.

Guam's training areas are already being used to capacity.