3 Jan 2014

World Bank aids Samoa's coastal communities

3:08 pm on 3 January 2014

The World Bank is to give Samoa 14 point 6 million US dollars to help coastal communities adapt to climate change.

The Bank's Pacific country director, Franz Drees-Gross, says it wants to help secure the future of Samoa's coastal communities by investing in the adaptation measures needed to cope with the impacts of climate change today and for the longer-term.

The project will help strengthen the capacity of targeted communities to update and implement local Coastal Infrastructure Plans and will focus on increasing the resilience of coastlines, near-shore areas, and coral reefs.

Additionally, the project will work with civil society groups and local leaders to improve the national climate information services, create public awareness of issues relating to climate resilience, and increase the availability of data for risk analysis, hazard mapping, and knowledge sharing.