6 Jan 2014

Samoa police say fight against drink driving working

7:08 pm on 6 January 2014

The police in Samoa say their awareness programmes aimed at eliminating drink driving are working.

During the Christmas and New Year period the police say there were no serious incidents or car accidents relating to excessive alcohol consumption or inebriated drivers.

They say a higher police presence and improved communication between police posts contributed to the result.

The Assistant Police Commissioner Fauono Talalei Tapu says awareness campaigns around alcohol abuse are getting through.

"Comparing to last year we arrested 101 people for drink driving and this year we didn't manage to get to 30. So it appears that people are well aware of drinking and driving so very few people we arrested."

Fauono Talalei Tapu says the country's domestic violence issue is also improving as a result of awareness programmes.