10 Jan 2014

Fiji's new Electoral Commission promising - academic

4:28 pm on 10 January 2014

A University of Auckland academic says those recently appointed to the Electoral Commission in Fiji are highly professional individuals who the public can trust.

The Commission, which will supervise the elections promised for September, will be headed by Chen Bunn Young, a former president of the Fiji Law Society.

The other members are Professor Vijay Naidu of USP, the tourism leader, James Sowane, an accountant, Jenny Seeto, a filmmaker, Larry Thomas, a priest, Father David Arms, and an educationalist, Alisi Daurewa.

Dr Steven Ratuva says the diverse nature of the Commission will provide comfort for all political parties.

He says he hopes the Commission will be able to operate without government interference.

"The only concern is to do with being allowed to operate autonomously. It is a very highly professional, very highly qualified group, and I hope they are given the opportunity to carry out their duties in a way that they should, with minimal interference from outside."

Dr Steven Ratuva says a supervisor of elections is yet to be appointed.