11 Jan 2014

Tonga hotel owner says power out, heavy wind

9:38 am on 11 January 2014

The owner of the Mystic Sands beachfront motel on Vava'u in Tonga, Kjell Stave, says the power went out at four thirty on Saturday morning, but there doesn't appear to be any damage on the island.

He said on Saturday morning that it felt like they could be in the midst of the cyclone, but it's hard to tell, as communication is difficult.

"We're right next to the water but we're a little above ground here, so we feel OK, windows are boarded up, we see the trees swaying and bending. It's blowing quite hard. Most of the people on this island live in sort of sheltered places, not many live with direct north facing houses, and there's been many hurricanes before, so people know where to go."

Kjell Stave says locals and guests are keeping up to date via single band and VHF radio.