22 Jan 2014

Deported Nauru magistrate defends recent decisions

11:19 am on 22 January 2014

The resident magistrate deported from Nauru has defended his recent decisions to grant injunctions against government-ordered deportations .

Peter Law was sacked on Sunday and deported back to Australia while Chief Justice Geoffrey Eames' visa has been withdrawn.

The Government says it received complaints against the magistrate, including about misconduct.

Peter Law, who recently granted injunctions against the deportation of three businessmen, is also alleged by the government to have interfered in cases, something he denies.

"They've trampled across the rule of law in issuing these deportation orders against residents of Nauru that were minding their own business, not breaking any laws, abiding by their visas. That was what the evidence was before me. I've done nothing more than issue an interim injunction and allowed the decision by the minister to be reviewed in the court."

Peter Law is considering taking legal action against the Nauru government.