23 Jan 2014

Unease about impending Niue public service cuts

4:29 pm on 23 January 2014

An opposition MP in Niue says a four-day working week for the public service coming into force next week is not being welcomed by most public servants.

Terry Coe says the premier Toke Talagi has introduced the measure because he doesn't have the money to fulfil a promise to increase public servants' wages by 20 percent.

Instead workers will take Fridays off and still be paid.

Mr Coe says it will affect productivity and workers would rather get more money.

"Most of the public servants don't want the day off, they want the pay increase, not necessarily 20 percent but a pay increase because of the rising cost of living on Niue, and they need the money, not the day off."

Terry Coe says the government plans on paying teachers extra, who don't have the option of taking a day off but it's not clear what will happen to other essential workers like the police.