23 Jan 2014

Fiji's Electoral Commission chairman names 'pressing' priorities

6:20 pm on 23 January 2014

The chairman of Fiji's newly appointed Electoral Commission says one his most pressing priorities is to appoint an election supervisor.

The last election supervisor, Felicity Heffernan, quit in 2008 shortly after the regime reneged on its promise to hold elections in 2009.

The government recently announced a new seven-member commission, headed by former president of the Fiji Law Society Chen Bunn Young, to oversee the elections promised for September.

Mr Young says there are three matters that need immediate attention.

The first one is the appointing of a supervisor of election and then the second one would be all the backup staff and obviously the other pressing issue is the regulations for the election and I understand that it is coming to its final draft and that will be then given to the commission for their review and comments.

Chen Bunn Young says he is confident the commission will be independent of the government and there will be no political interference.